Let’s Live Fully In This Moment, because the Present is all there is!

Understanding Oneself is the Key to the Golden River

Guided Meditations

With utmost precision and love, I am in the process of designing guided meditations. With my experience with different types of meditations, the raging thoughts can be calmed down and the bliss will shower on you!

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We can try to chat on phone or meet in person so that we can speak and workout on the problems

Hello, I am Manish

Your Spiritual Buddy

I have suffered from neurosis to psychotic rage issues. After major episodes, I began to enquire into the nature of the mind and how it tricks us. I read many spiritual books and tried my best to find the truth. But truth is not that something which you can grasp. Truth is available to you from living to living in the present moment. The truth of yesterday is stale today. Then accidentally I touched a spiritual dimension of no-mind or thoughtless state. Then I decided to share this discovery with the world.

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YaY! Time to bring you back to the present moment 🙂

My Approach

As I have been brought up in a hindu spiritual background, I have a sound knowledge of advaita vedanta. I have read  various other philosophies. I have touched or we can put it this way that the dimension of no-mind was accessible and still accessible to me by divine grace. I will share the methods which I used and it’s a paradox also that no method can get you there. When the Ego is maxed out, and knows it’s futility, the Thoughtless state is there, waiting for you to pull you in. 

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