My Best Seller Book Psycho Spirituality : A Deep journey into inner labyrinths of mind


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About The Book

You may have seen and observed mentally ill and psychotic people and wondered what got to them, but have you ever got to experience their minds, what conditions they go through and the sufferings dawned upon them. Do you want a sneak peak in their minds? The different networks of thoughts which compel them to act in a certain way at a certain time? So this book shares my story and how I actually turned from a sane person to a completely neurotic person and got almost admitted in a mental asylum. Yes the efforts put up by my family and doctors were unbelievable. After the incident, I started to enquire about the nature of the mind and dived deep into spirituality. I Read many spiritual books to help me in my journey. But then when a strange phenomena happened in my life, I touched something sacred which is not put together by thought.

What’s inside


Reality beyond Thought


Futility of mind control


Into the unknown


Beyond scriptures



Chapter 1 – Neurosis

So basically my search for inner truth or reality began from the most devastating situation which took place in my life, which shook me to the very core of my being. I hope that with my power of crafting words in such a way. I will try to take you into the experience which I went through.



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About the author.

Sometimes life teaches you through harsh ways. My seeking for truth started after I faced mental breakdowns. I started questioning everything. I am Manish Kadave and I would like to share my discovery with the world

Manish Kadave