Powerful meditation technique taught by the lord shiva himself!

Meditation is something that you need to do like a duty then the essence of meditation is lost. The thing is that the difference between ancient and modern times is that people have accomplished many things on the material level but they have all became poor inwardly. I mean to say that life has worn them out totally. they are more focusing on ‘doing’ rather than emphasizing ‘being’. Meditation is our true nature as we can say, but the mind has obscured it and we are thrown away from our center of being.

All the different types of meditation techniques were developed in the east only. So today I am going to share one of the most powerful meditation techniques which were given from lord shiva to his wife Parvati. lord shiva symbolizes pure consciousness and goddess parvati is the symbolization of shakti. so lord shiva is the embodiment of pure stillness and goddess Parvati is the embodiment of dynamic movement. So in the ancient Vedas and scriptures, it has been said that the absolute reality splits itself into two halves which are stillness and movement. they are interwoven into each other and by any means can’t be separated from each other. so the lord shiva and goddess Parvati are also referred to as ‘ardhanarinateshwar’ means half male and half female.

So the ancient dialogue between lord shiva and goddess Parvati on meditation has been captured in the book named ‘Vigyan bhairava’. This book has all the powerful meditation techniques given by lord shiva himself to goddess Parvati and it consists of a whopping 112 techniques. I will be making a separate post for each technique as this technique which I am going to speak about from my personal experience is about breathing. So the most fundamental thing which is ever new in our life is the breath. Yes, you can’t argue on that because at each moment we are inhaling and exhaling which is renewed at each moment. Breathing is a common meditation technique that is simple yet it has some mystical touch to it. I said Mystical touch because most of the chemical function in our body depends on breathing or we can say how chemical compounds alter in our brain depending upon the breath.

Now we will dive into the technique and I hope I will make it simple for you to understand so you can play with it, I mean people who take meditation seriously always miss the point of meditation. Just take it playfully and see the magic revealing.

Watch the gap between two breaths

Shiva replies :

Radiant One, this experience may dawn between two breaths. After breath comes in (down) and just before turning up (out) – the beneficence.

This is the technique:

Radiant One, this experience may dawn between two breaths.

Explanation of this technique and how to inculcate it in our daily lives:- 

Focus on these two points which are:-

  1. The still point is inside the body where after the in-breath stops and before the out-breath starts. this is the point where there is no breathing for a moment. it’s like a zero-breathing point where everything stops. become more and more aware of this point.
  2. The still point is just outside the nose where after the out-breath stops and before the in-breath starts. this is the second point where there is no breathing for a moment. it’s like we are in a different dimension. become more and more aware of this point.

So as you breathe in and the air starts coming in from your nostrils, just feel it and go with the breath side by side. your consciousness should be side by side with the breath, not before or after the breath. don’t get greedy or lag behind. just go with the flow and suddenly for a millionth second, you will feel as if the breath has stopped! You won’t notice it straight away but become aware of that point. then again your breath starts to move out. go with it and again when the breath is moving out of the body, there will come a point where the out-breath comes to a halt and there is again no breathing. this is the second point nearby the nose. become aware of this point also. and again the breath will start coming in.

so you have to become more and more aware of these two still points. as the awareness grows, these points will become bigger and your stillness and peace will grow day by day. and one day you will find yourself completely in the present moment as your mind will get dissolved.

So keep on practising this technique for at least 7 days to see results. 15 min twice a day would be enough.

thank you guys for reading this article till this point and much love to you guys.