What does a human want? This question has puzzled many philosophers and thinkers of times. When a newborn baby is born, he cries when he is hungry and he also cries when he is irritated. As the baby progress and get to explore life as he ages, he starts to have desires which are appropriate to his current age. First, he only needed food and the comfort of his mother. Now as he advances in his age, he needs friends for play. He develops a sense of self and identity of himself as a certain being which he lacked in his infant stage. Now he cries when his object of desire is not fulfilled. Different human beings harbor different and unique desires. The young human may long for a beautiful love affair while the human in his 60’s will laugh at this age of young humans saying that these are stupid desires which he has no entry in his mind at the age of 60s. Now the 60s humans would want to relax and rest for their upcoming remaining life. Each human wants something through which he would expand himself which means the sense of his self is expanded. Each human seeks expansion either in the material or spiritual realm. Expansion is our basic desire of us. Human wants something through which they can attain permanent happiness or such a state of being. They search for their happiness in material objects. The objects of desire become important, which means the outer environment advancement alters the inner state of the human. Many great saints, mystics, and philosophers have said that “Know Thyself”. If we observe simple creatures such as ants, their basic want is to survive. They go out in the search of food and accumulate resources through different channels. Then they procreate. They are out for survival. If anyone attacks them, they are ready to defend themselves and give up their lives for that. Humans also do the same thing. Care for family, go out for accumulating the basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter. Most humans live in survival. Joy and happiness are being sold everywhere. Get that new phone and it will bring you joy! Then the person purchases the phone and he feels a sense of peace. After some time, again he gets trapped in that cycle where he feels as something outside of him will satisfy him or bring him joy. This cycle or process of finding your own self essence in objects is the basic principle of god. This universe is also expanding. The word “Brahma” in Hindu Advaita philosophy means to ‘expand ’. That word is denoted for god. We are also seeking expansion. This matrix of the world is built on this core foundation only. To make you seek fulfillment in objects. Humans want to express themselves in all manners. They express themselves through thought, speech, emotions, and feelings. Now, what does a human really want? Simple as it may sound but humans want to express their beingness through various methods to other humans. Every human is striving to be happy. If in the vicinity of another human, if they clash in the different ideas and beliefs, the humans repel them. In other words, you stay and bond with the people who bring out the best in them. They feel a sense of being in their own home when they are around us. 


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