From long ago or we can say from the beginning where even gods didn’t create this universe, there was something older than god. Yes, it is known as tao in tao philosophy. In Hindu culture, we call it ‘Brahman’. Tao is considered older than god. Don’t get mixed up in the names. The unknown has many names. 

Spirituality in India has been considered older as they have their foundation on different types of Vedas. Many gods are worshipped in India and it is considered one of the oldest religions. The great sages had spiritual insights while they were meditating in the wilderness and they tried to describe the truth or reality or brahman in words. It was written in the form of Vedas. They had spiritual thoughts and have made some bold declarations which can be found in the Vedas. I will tell you the four Mahavakyas of the great statements from each Vedas.


  1. Pradnyanam Brahma – It means that insight is brahman 
  2. Tat tvam asi – You are that final reality
  3. Aham Brahmasmi – I am that supreme
  4. Ayam Atma Brahma – My very nature is one with final reality


Hearing these statements, pondering over it, one attains that supreme. The word chosen by Hindu sages is “brahman” which points towards reality. The root meaning of the word “Brahman” means to grow. That which is ever-growing and expanding without limits. 

From my experience, Reality can never be spoken about. Even all religions agree upon that. How can you speak about the truth? Language is too clumsy. Even when we declare that we are that reality, in that very declaration, the truth becomes false. Even at the beginning of the great book “Tao Te Ching” written by Lao Tsu, he said that the tao which can be spoken of is not the eternal Tao. Now we can question if the truth can’t be spoken about, then why so many huge volumes are written on them? Why the urge to explain the reality? 


In India, the philosophy of Hinduism depicts the great liberation or “moksha”. In Buddhism, they coined the term nirvana. People went crazy when these concepts were introduced because, as both Hinduism and Buddhism agree upon reincarnations, the philosophy says that we have undergone various births, I mean millions and millions of births and deaths. So they felt great when they heard these terms like “moksha” or “Nirvana”. The timeless or eternal to be brought into one’s own being. But the people made nirvana and moksha a kind of goal, which was just like hankering after power and position. First, they sought after the material world, then they dived into the spiritual world. The seeker still remains the same. The ambition is still the same. The thirst is still the same. 


I personally went through spiritual life, with my own self-centered actions towards moksha. I had Ambition running through my veins screaming for liberation. I did many different spiritual practices like a mantra, fasting, mind control, and many more. But this did nothing in me. Instead, I developed a spiritual Ego which I carried like a medal hanging around my neck.

What spirituality really means is that finally, you can’t do anything about life because the “you” which you think you are do not exist. All religions have mentioned that clearly. All teachings point towards it, but man fails to see this simple fact. There is only one energy. Ramana Maharshi also said that there is no individual being who is thinking or acting. This means that I’m not typing this article but the whole universe is expressing itself through me. The same goes for you. Now the “Real You” can’t be conceptualized as it can’t be jotted down. You just can’t make it an object and see. From my experience, the person in fact doing every possible practice of spirituality is just the games designed for the ego. The master or guru will test you in different ways. He too knows a simple fact, but the disciple is ambitious, aggressive and he wants to rule the spiritual realm. So the master makes him do all the work just to prove the futility of it. It’s like an indirect hit to the disciple. Let the disciple realize that there is no such thing as “I” and “Me”. 


The great state of buddha was being described as an orgasm with the whole universe. Buddha also tried various methods and techniques and he tried his fullest. He was a son of a king. Then ultimately he realized that giving up all search for nirvana, “Is Nirvana”. The ordinary hums and bums of daily life can’t be divorced from nirvana. They are two sides of the same coin.


I really to date couldn’t understand how a guru functions. And “I” means the mind wants all the answers. It can’t remain with the unknown. Because I had primary as well as other gurus who unfolded and unraveled their teachings by and by as life progressed. I’m at a point where even a fallen dry leaf is my guru. The crow on the wing has all the essence of the Vedas. The broken sea shell screams all the spiritual sutras of life. But we can’t experience it because we are too full in our minds. Our minds are cluttered with daily life that we lose the magic element of life. Then we rush towards movies, entertainment, drink alcohol, and do drugs, just to feel that “we are alive”.


We are too mechanical and self-focused even while having sex. The spirituality of sex is kind of a necessity. We don’t know the art of love. We only know how to have sex. Spirituality in India developed a book named kama sutra which has shown different positions of sexual contact. This book is born through deep meditation. If men and women are delivered orgasms, then they move towards higher realms because we rise through sex. The energy coiled downwards starts flowing upwards. Then we can experience the great orgasm with the universe and automatically we won’t require a partner to give us an orgasm. By being in a meditative state, the union with reality will flourish.

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