The word ‘Meditation’ has been used widely since time immemorial. When we hear this word, we conjure up in our mind that there is a half-naked yogi sitting under a tree with his eyes closed. Yes, that is the thought that builds up in our minds. Even many people have tried meditation but as soon as they sit for it, their restless body-mind complex doesn’t agree with the meditator’s intention. Meditation has to be understood carefully to fully reap its benefits.


There are various aspects and styles of meditation. But let us understand the deep meaning of meditation. Meditation is the act of separating yourself from the mind-body complex for some time. Now, what do I mean by separating? We are daily haunted by the number of thoughts that flash up in our minds. As soon as we wake up, all our past memories and future worries start to dance in our minds. These thoughts say, “Hey! Common man, Think me…Think me”. And we know the rule that “Where attention goes, energy flows”. I know we need to think about certain life situations, but the mind pops into our 10-year-old memory and we unconsciously start thinking and giving our attention to this thought feeding it with our energy. “As a man thinketh, so is he!”. Our current lives which we are living out right now at this moment is the manifestation of our thoughts. Thoughts have been ruminated (thought over) again and again become our beliefs and these beliefs shape our brain and the brain ensures that it will attract similar situations and events in our life. Then we say, “But, I didn’t attract that backstabbing boyfriend/girlfriend in my life!”. I will try to simplify it according to my capacity and experience. Let’s dive into this.


From our childhood, the faintest clue we have, from when our actual living experience emerged. In simple words, we have our beginning memory of our life utmost from 3-4 years of age. Before that, everything is blank. It didn’t mean that we never existed. Only the accumulation of memory began from 3-4 years of age. We then started observing and learning from the environment around us. Our parents, teachers, friends, relatives, and other people, directly and indirectly, had an impact on our way of believing and perceiving this very world. Dr. Bruce Lipton has said that 95% of the life of an individual is decided from the first 7 years of his life. Now, what does this mean? My dear friend, The backstabbing boyfriend/girlfriend you attracted towards you as a result of the subconscious beliefs and perceptions that got built and programmed into you since childhood (That too the programs were built into you not as per your choice!). In the infamous book “The secret”, it has been said that, “like attracts like”.


Now I will go into the process of how this happens so that you can have a clear idea.

1) First you observe your environment.    

2) Your way of thinking is affected by it.

3) Your Thoughts attract a certain person with the same energy.

4) You realize that he is a backstabber.

5) The situation you face builds up a pattern of thoughts.

6) Recurring thought patterns built up certain beliefs.

7) Then you attract the same situation, but the person will be different

8) He too turns out to be a backstabber!

9) Now this event solidifies your belief even more greatly into your subconscious mind because you had a similar experience before and you conclude, “The world is full of backstabbers!”.

10) This thought pattern, even more, solidifies and concretizes your belief into a strong perception about your world.

11) And the process repeats.



Everybody has built up his or her own private universe according to their strong beliefs about this universe. The relationships, jobs, circumstances, events, people, and situations that are right now in your life are entirely your own making. If this one point is accepted, the blame game comes to a halt and the person has an epiphany. Now he may ask, “but what can I do to undo this?”. Now let’s understand this. Right now you are acting as a magnet to certain situations. Just changing your frequency, energy, and vibration, your whole life structure can be altered. Here comes the hidden power of meditation. Meditation is nothing more but the process of distancing yourself from the mind-body complex for some time. People are confused when the term meditation pops out in their minds. Any act can become meditative. Even the person can be washing utensils and still be meditative. In short, becoming one with the thing you are doing is the act of meditation. Meditation is a way of being. There are many different meditation techniques across the world. Any meditation technique which suits you ( helps to calm down the wheels of the mind) can be used primarily in the beginning. But as soon as you start moving deeper into your being, all meditation practices of yours will drop away slowly. You will reach a point in your life where just meditation will become a way of your being. Meditation calms down the analytical mind (thinking mind) and in the process of subconscious programming (changing beliefs that are hardwired into your system), you just can be given suggestions from someone (or self-suggestion) to rewire your brain and thus altering your beliefs and changing your whole perception of life. Ancient yogis and mystics knew the power of the subconscious mind (god, the universe, being, whatever you may name it) and they altered their own energies and vibrations to make this world a better place.

In my other blog, I have shared the most powerful meditation technique ever specially designed by lord shiva (the first yogi). Click here to read the blog. There are primarily 112 techniques of meditation, passed on from the shiva to the entire humanity. There are many subconscious programs altering meditations out there. Personally, I felt that meditations developed by dr Joe Dispenza are very powerful and you can try and experiment with them (I am not an affiliate). Click here to access these meditations. If you are interested in making changes in your life (at a subconscious level) you can use many techniques out there. I hope you liked my thoughts and feel free to comment yours.





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